Interviews, press and whatnot:

“A Conversation with Sean H. Doyle,” interview with Natalie Eilbert at The Atlas Review, April 2014

“Are You My People?” video from Franklin Park Reading Series, Brooklyn, December 2013

“Instinct Tells Me I Shouldn’t Agree to Whatever You’re About to Say: An Interview with Hannah Sloane,” fwriction, September 2013

Video from The Buzzard’s Banquet, Jackie’s Fifth Amendment in Park Slope, from August 2013

“Father’s Day,” video from DADDIES! reading at The Palace Cafe in Greenpoint, from June 2013

Story Swap #8: Sean H. Doyle and Mensah Demary, at Storytapes, from June 2013

“Jamming their broken feet into skates: Sean H. Doyle talks to Sarah Rose Etter,” at We Who Are About To Die, July 2011

Write-up of PANK Magazine’s Brooklyn Invasion reading from July 2011 at Electric Literature

Video from PANK Magazine’s Brooklyn Invasion from July 2011

Interview by Michael Juliani at Neon Tommy, June, 2011

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